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Why Ucraft?

Free web hosting

Ucraft gives you secure and reliable, free hosting with cloud technology from Google. Your online shop will load fast and perform beautifully.

Powerful SEO

Ucraft makes SEO easier than ever. We provide powerful out-of-the-box SEO tools, so you can be found online and grow your traffic.

Easy checkout

With our in-built User Account widget your customers can either create a profile or shop as a guest. Choose what works best.

Shipping calculator

Our real-time shipping rates allow customers to see costs based on their location. Earn lifetime customers with a seamless shipping experience.

Multilingual website 

Go global by presenting your content in more than one language. With Ucraft's Languages App, you can increase your reach by speaking to a wider audience.

Customer support

We are never more than a click away. Just drop us a line by simply clicking the live chat button in the lower right corner and our team will help you out.

70 + Online store designs

Our ready-made templates will give your website a professional look and help you start your professional online store in a few clicks.

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Check out what our customers say about us.

  • Karen Mercer

    Easy to use and intuitive web-builder that does what it promises.
    I am so pleased that after a lot of digging and research, I finally stumbled upon Ucraft.I needed a website builder that was intuitive and easy to use, I needed it to be free for an unlimited amount of time, so that I could decide to buy, once I was comfortable with the builder itself and once I was confident in the quality of the support available and that I would receive timely responses, despite being based in the UK and not in the US. 

  • Rahul Amar

    Incredible service in all aspects, could barely be happier. I'm one of the most difficult to handle customers there is. I know this because of how many salespeople give up after my countless inquiries. Ucraft support has provided me with concise answers and they always reply quickly.

  • Mark

    Finally I find Ucraft! Web design Heaven....
    Finally! After years of frustrations (and weird fun) with other web-builders and platforms, and I have tried them all, I discover Ucraft and am now in web design heaven! It took about 4 hours to master the whole system which is fast and it takes about an hour to create a really attractive, interactive website.

Powerful apps and tools to boost your online store

Digital products

Easily add digital products to your store. Offer fast and reliable ways to deliver downloadable e-goods to your customers by email.

Store management

Sell online from anywhere with our eCommerce app for IOS and Android. Add new products, manage orders and accept payments on the go without missing a beat.

All sales channels

Showcase products across your website, social media or marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and give your customers another way to enjoy seamless shopping experience.

20 + Integrations

$300 worth plugins included with each purchase of Ucraft. Explore a wide range of apps including marketing, accounting, analytics, and more.

*14-day free trial. No credit card required.

All-in-one eCommerce solution 
to start your online business now

Use promo code HUNTER to get a website subscription with a special price.

*14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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